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Game Review - Titan's Quest

Been playing a new game called Titan's Quest. Its an amazing game, addicitive as heck. It's basically a Diablo2 clone. You have different classes and skills, tons of magical items, and even set items. Its got 3 levels of difficuilty, Normal, Epic and Legandary. Sound familiar?

Unlike Diablo2 the maps are not random but it does come with an editor so expect lots of future player created maps. The game is in full 3D, is very polished and looks amazing. There are 3 "acts" like in Diablo2, but here its called Greece, Egypt and China. The quests and storylines are very well done.

But its not all a bed of roses. Many have graphics problems including yours truly. I had to download a program called ATItools and basically underclock my graphics card to avoid crashes. The fact that I can still rave about the game despite my techincal issues should show you how good it is.

Currently I'm a Pyromancer and eventually I intend to be a Summoner. If you liked Diablo2, you'll love this game.

PS. Its single player only, although you can have lan and internet games. Sorry no Battlenet.com



I know what I'll be doing this week now...

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