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A Wonderful Sunday

2 things happened that made this a very good Sunday.

First was World of Warcraft. My Guild Shadows Edge finally killed the dragon Neferion! We started doing Black Wing Lair on 12/28/2005 and now on 07/16/2006 we have conquered BWL!!! 7 months of weekend raids have finally paid off. And now we will go on to Nexx.

The Second thing that happened was I finally scored a ticket to Jersey Boys on Aug 10th in NYC!!!! And the best part is that I didn't have to pay for an overinflated price. I got a premium ticket right off Telecharge. Someone must have had to cancel that night. Its still the most I've ever paid for a show but its Jersey Boys!!!!

And now I'm gonna turn in happy. BTW Here are some screenies of Shadows Edge killing Nef.

AE Fun. This is where I LOVE PI and Holy Nova

Nef at 1%

Nef Down

Nef Loot

Nef Close up

SE Nef Photo 1

SE NEf Photo 2

SE Nef Photo 3

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