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Superman Returns on IMAX 3D

If you're all Superman'ed out then you might wanna avoid this blog for a bit cos I love the show!

Saw it on IMAX 3D today and was it worth the $16 charge? HECK YES! The huge advantage that the IMAX has is its huge screen. Studio execs wonder how they can get the public to watch more movies with digital TV sets getting bigger, clearer and cheaper each year, well the answer is not to build more ciniplexes with smaller screens.

Also IMAX 3D rocks! No if's and's or but's. This is the first action movie that's been translated in IMAX 3D, they made 20 mins of footage of Superman Returns 3D.

There are a total of 4 scenes, 3 action and 1 nostalgia scenes which are in 3D. Its wonderful! The 3D allows you to focus on Superman while all else fades into the background. What this means is that although I had already seen the movie once, my mind didn't wander, I was immersed in that scene. If anything I was even more awed. The scene when he steps out of the aeroplane actually brought a tear to my eyes (Note:I love the show so I might be a tiny bit biased)

Bottom line, if you have a choice, go watch the IMAX 3D version. Its worth the extra amount. I might even watch it a 3rd time!

Below are some behind the scenes video footage. Enjoy!


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