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Superman Returns Sequel Confirmed

YES!!! Its confirmed that there will be a sequal to Superman Returns and Bryan Singer will helm it again. Brandon Routh isn't confirmed yet but let's be honest, its almost 95% confirmed that he'll be Superman again.

I don't care what some critics said, I loved Superman Returns. It could probably have done better as an all action film but this movie was more of an introduction and continuation of the previous Reeves movies. I can't wait.

Superman Returns wasn't the performer the studio had hoped for, it has earned more than $390 million worldwide and WB and Legendary say they will still turn a profit from the film. And note this is before the DVD's hit the shelves. Of course they won't agree to another over $200 million budget but that's understandable. Even I thought that for $250 million, Superman Returns was overpriced. Singer may be a genius at directing but the man needs a lesson in financial responsibility.

Anywho, YES! Superman is coming Summer 2009!!!


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