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Dresden Files Review

The Dresden Files
is a new Sci-Fi action show aired on Scifi channel on 21 January 2007. I've been following this show since the start but I held off any reviews because ... this show started off slow. very very slow. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

The show is based off the novels by Jim Butcher. I've not read the novels but from the TV series, its about a wizard named Harry Dresden. He lives for the most part in a world like yours and mine, except he's a wizard. Actually, he's a PI who happens to attract wierd cases. His magic wand is a drum stick (the kind you play, not eat) and his staff is a Hockey stick. He hardly ever uses his powers and in truth until the latest episode, his use of actual magic has been very very limited. Did I also mention he his sidekick is a ghost who lives in his own skull? (The ghost's former skull not Harry's)

Anyway, I held off any reviews because like I said the show started off slow. There were vampires, evil spirits, demons etc but Harry himself seemed pretty useless. In fact aside from talismans and potions and a 6th sense, I had doubted him having any actual powers. Still... Sunday nights are usually slow and the story plots were fairly interesting.

All that changed with the 8th episode (Storm Front) which aired on 18th march 2007. FINALLY we see Harry as he should be. he had powers! The ability to levitate objects, his drum stick actually shot magic and his Hockey Stick acted like an over grown blow torch! It was awesome! Now I know many are going to think me a magic junkie, but let's be honest. Who wants to watch a show about a wizard who displays no more power than Patricia Arquette in Medium? We also find out why he's reluctant to use his powers, something that should have been reveled sooner.

Now if the writers can maintain and develop Harry's character and allow him to use more of his powers for the rest of the season, and spice up the story line or have a larger storyline that unfolds as the series goes on, I'll be hooked to this show.

If you're a fan of Sci-Fi/fantasy, I recommend giving this one a try. You might like it. I rate it 7/10

PS. After a bit more research, I discovered that Storm Front (The episode that I loved) was actaully the first book published about Dresden Files. What does that tell me? Some dumb studio exec figured that instead of trusting the author's success, decided to slowly introduce the character and show to the audience. That's the only reason I can come up with for not making this the very first episode.

Dude! I've been telling you to read this series f o r e v e r!! And you never did. Blah. The books are much better. If you think Harry's powers in Storm Front is awesome.....wait till the latest book where he invades the faeries' winterland.......all hail Harry! :) Now let's just hope the TV execs don't screw this on up too badly. :)

Actually, the 8th episode was meant to be a 2-hour long series pilot. However, they couldn't find a timeslot for it, so they just made it into a regular episode. I've read the books and I had the same feelings as you about the show, however, if you read the books you might have a bit more patience with how much Harry uses his magic.

I've watched episodes 9 and 10 now and they seem to be a bit better. I hope this series just continues to get better, it has a lot of potential I think.

It actaully is getting better and better. Since Stormfront, every episode has been really jam packed. You start to see more of Harry's history and more about the council. And at last, his relationship with the police detective is developing.

Yah fool. Go read the damn books. It's really good.

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