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Almost Instant Puppodums

Found this awesome item at the grocery store. Microwaveable Puppodums!!!

Puppodums are an indian cracker that you usually deep fry and I'm not sure if these are special but you just have to microwave it for 1 min and you have Puppodums!!! No oil, no splattering, no cleanup and its healthier. The taste is pretty good, not the best I've ever had but slightly above average.

I've found a great new snack.

hei bro they sure dont looked well cooked from here:)..anyway enjoy ur new found treat:)

hey man im indian and by xperience im tellin u ur papads luk wierd,,,,they luk like a fat womans leg with nerve webs in need of cosmetic segery touch up,,,,, try sum butter!!

Yes I know they don't look right, but they taste more or less the same. And no oil involved! :)

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