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Movie Review: Ironman

OK, its no surprise that I'm a comic book geek and love superheroes. But truth be told, Ironman is not one of my favorite superheroes and while I admit that Robert Downey Jr can act, his druggie habits turn me off (ie. I'm not a Downey fan).

But I still went to watch Ironman because of all the positive reviews I've heard about. And I LOVE IT!!! This is hands down the best Superhero Origin movie that I've seen. In some respects I would even say that its better than "The Dark Knight" (aka Batman). But only because The Dark Knight is so dark and serious, while Ironman is simply rip roaring fun! You'll laugh through out the show while going Ohhhh and Ahhhh as he becomes Ironman.

Now if you're not a superhero movie person and are forced to watch a superhero movie, this would be the one to watch. Its not too geeky, its funny, it has a good plot and I hate to say it but the acting is very good.

I give Ironman a 5/5.

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