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Star Sightings

So its New Year's eve and I'm in Pittsburg. Its snowing and cold and there's a new year's parade in progress. Me and eins just had new year's dinner and we were walking back to her place while watching the parade.

THEN! We had a Hollywood star sighting. We saw David Conrad!!! Don't know the name? If you watch Ghost Whisperer, he's the husband!!!! I was less than 1 arm's length away from a TV star, and a very cute one at that.

Hey, its the first time I've seen a TV celebrity so forgive me while I freak out. He was dressed causally in a black leather bomber jacket and jeans and sported several days growth of beard. He was alone and leaning against a building watching the parade. I didn't approach him but we did stop a little aways and confirm our sighting :)

Hmmm... 2009 might turn out to be filled with more than just the doom and gloom we're reading about in the papers.

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