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New TV Series: Merlin

If you're looking for a great new TV series to get lost in and Hollywood just isn't doing it for you, just remember that England has come up with some gems. Well, whenever the studio's in USA are being so damn slow with DVD releases, I got to Amazon UK and start looking for DVD's.

And I'm so glad to report that I've found an absolute gem! MERLIN is a retelling of the whole Arthurian legend. What Smallville did for Superman, MERLIN is doing for the Arthurian legend.

Its told from the perspective of 4 main characters, Merlin, Aruthur, Morgana and Gwen, before they became legends. Its actually very good, the chemistry between them is excellent and the plot is very solid. Yes there are significant differences from the usual plotlines but hey, Smallville isn't exactly a good history textbook either.

Oh and since each season is only 13 episodes for the BBC, there's none of those filler episodes like Buffy the musical episodes. Its all about character building and plot progression and keeps you glued to your TV.

I gobbled all 13 episodes in a single weekend and now I'm sadly hooked and can't wait for season 2 which hasn't started filming yet.

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