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Movie Review: Monsters vs Aliens

Watched this today and I was pretty excited. The trailer made it look awesome and the thought of monsters saving the day had lots of potential.

Its no secret that Pixar has been the company to beat in the animation scene. No one makes an animated movie like Pixar does. Although effort by other companies were getting very good and the first non-Pixar animation movie that blew my mind was King Fu Panda last year by Dreamworks. And now they are releasing Monsters vs Aliens.

I won't go into specifics or detail the plot, you can get there anywhere on the web or at the wiki page.

Is the movie good? Yes. If you have a kid, go watch this its gonna be tons of fun.

Is the movie great? No. Its a good animation movie, but its not quite Pixar or Kung Fu Panda level. The reason might be the story, there are some parts that drag a little too long. And as for the voice acting, it was again good but not great.

The real acting in an animation has be the cohesion of both the actor's voice and on screen cartoon personality. We saw this first hand in Kung Fu Panda where Jack Black WAS the Panda. Reese Witherspoon just doesn't have that kind of a voice. In fact the best character in the whole show was B.O.B aka The Blob aka Seth Rogen. I dare you not to laugh when he opens his mouth.

All that aside its worth watching at the cinema, and definitely a dvd rental or purchase. Oh and there's an added benefit that some cinema's are showing this in 3D. Personally, I've never been impressed with 3D technology so its not a huge thing for me.

I rate Monsters vs Aliens an 8/10. Good but not great.

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