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Alaska Trip - Day 4 - Part 1

This first video is basically getting on the plane to Seattle.

The second is all we've done since getting here up till the folk's afternoon nap. Seattle is booked solid this weekend, which explains why our room only has 1 bed. This weekend there are 2 major events happening. One is Rock 'n' Roll Seattle which is a huge marathon and Seattle Out and Proud, which is the Gay Pride Parade.

My videos are getting longer I think, either that or there's just more content to record. Either way, I refuse to edit the videos I'm taking because it just takes too much time. So obviously these videos you're watching will be rough with some being a little too long or some such.

Anyway, Day 4 is split into 2 parts because I have so much more video recording. You'll see it soon, although things might be slow going depending on how fast or slow the ship's satellite internet is.

Videos for all to see . . might be a need to edit (for both semi-dressness & rude tone when talking to your mom). The kids found both hilarious.

Also, school starts tomorrow. Lots of talk about wanting to visit & live in America. The wierdest comment was `if i live with KuKu Alvin, will i still be Muslim' . . sigh, limited understanding some people

the sister

Yes, Agreed on the semi-dressness, will try to avoid those. About the rudeness, you know it didn't occur to me that I was being rude or raising my voice till I saw the video in whole and I was blown away.

Anyway, none intended or meant. And pretty sure mom didn't take it that way either. But man the video really does make it seem that way. Talk about out of context when you don't hear the after conversation.

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