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Alaska Trip - Day 8/Ship 4

Our 2nd Port of call is Skagway. Its a small town of only 700 in the winter but swells to about 2k in the summer because of the tourism.

Bewarned that day 8 has got a ton of video!!!

We arrived about 7am and we're off on our Safari to see a glacier!

You can fast forward the next 3 videos. Benji, our guide is one of the BEST guides I've ever had. He's very informative and can field any question you ask. Initially I thought he might be a grad student just because of the explainations and terms he was throwing about. But as we went on he and the other 11 guides are just people who are very interested and passionate about the subject.

The next 3 videos was just on the bus from the beach shore to the site where we would start our safari adventure.

And here the real fun starts. Wearing boots, raingear and lifevest, short hike, getting in a canoe and see the glacier up close!

The final video with Benji I promise. Lunch and the trip back to shore and Skagway. And finally dinner at the fancy french restaurant.

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