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More Dofus

OMG OMG OMG!!! Happy B'day you know who :)

On more Dufus news I found my first set item last night and this morning I spent 30mins before leaving for work farming again and boy am I glad I did. Look at the pics below. I've now got 3 of the adventurer set and man do the bonus stack. I went from doing 11 dmg with my Hand spell to about 15-18 dmg now!!!

Oh and as an extra B'day gift I got an extra hat and ring for you :) Now go farm (7,12) Just jump into all battles and cross your fingers.

Mixed the pics up, but with 3 of the set you get +15 to all stats on top of what the items give you. I've got the Hat, ring, Cape and found magical boots.

Goody! you found the gobball set! That's the set I was telling u about! Will try to get on tonight to get my in-game pressis. :)

Hmmm... I got the boots which is the gobball set, but I only have 1 of those. Currently I have 3 pc of the Young Adventurer set and got the hat and ring for you.

Dofus Alchemist
Their instructions are incredibly vague and they don't repeat them if you miss it the first time. I stumbled upon second step of the quest in -2, -2 purely by accident. He told me to go find someone in "a tiny village" somewhere in the south.
Energy Potions
1,9 go there with some kamas, 1 potion costs 200 kama. there are 2 NPC that sell them.
1 is charlotte. shes in the house near the baker in the village. Her house looks Japanese in design (red roof, japanese signs above door)
the second one is near the temple halfway the map. She is near the second alchemist. she also has a quest.
The Bank (2, -2) holds items for your account. Drop the wood off there and come back with your blacksmith.
The jellies are fun
They be around 3, 31 I thinks... the look squishy >> Just.. the level 10 mint one takes 25 str away.. and hurts.. a lot ._.
Adventurer's Set: With 3-4 hours of camping, you can find your own adventurer's set at the location 7, 12. Because of the way the drop system works, you will never get it alone and must team up with the free-for-all teams at this location. The entire set gives you a grand total of 46+ to all stats.

STRENGTH: +1% per point to neutral and earth damages. +5 pod capacity per point.

INTELLIGENCE: +1% per point to fire damages, healing damages. Many skills without elements, like Summons or Armors, are improved with intelligence and classified as healing.

AGILITY: +1% per point to air damages. When attempting to walk away from an enemy, a dodge roll occurs. If you fail it, you are stunned and your turn ends. Agility lets you succeed the dodge roll more often. It also improves your critical rate, though I am not sure what percent.

CHANCE: 10 Points in chance give you 1% increased drop rates. This means that, yes, you need 1000 (ONE THOUSAND) chance to double your drop rate. Enutrofs have an innate 20% increased drop rate without chance, and their chance is NOT a major factor in their increased drop rate.

WISDOM: +1% EXP gained per wisdom. Every four points of wisdom grants a 1% bonus to AP and MP.
Wisdom will let you more accurately reduce an enemy's MP/AP and it will give you resistance to the reduction of MP/AP.

VITALITY: 1 point in vitality will grant +1 life.

Most successful builds hybrid one damage stat and vitality. Wisdom costs 3 points to raise for all classes. Many classes must pay 2 or more points for certain stats. Sacriers gain 2 vitality for every point invested. Certain stats on certain classes cost more once they reach a certain point (EX: Before 50 INT, a Cra must only invest 1 point for an INT point. After 50, a Cra must instead invest 2 points for a single INT point.)
If you're hunting rare items and set items, THERE IS A 0% CHANCE THEY WILL DROP WHEN YOU SOLO. 0%. NOT .01%, ZERO.

There is now a minimum combined prospect of the team in order to drop RARE set items and such. The number is normally 400+ or so, meaning you MUST HAVE a 4-man team to get these rarest drops. The more people you have, the higher your drop rates are, and the more items you get as a single person.

Crap. I hate this game now. I like to play solo. Hate to socialize, but I guess now I'm stuck with it. Damn it. If only there're 3 of you...

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