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Which man for Sunset?

Its confirmed that Sunset Boulevard will start filming later this year and be released fall 2006. The role of Norma Desmond will be played by none other than the incomparable Glenn Close, who also starred in the broadway revival in the mid 1990's. It speaks volumes that she was picked for the movie version when other recent remakes of musicals like Chicago and Phantom of the Opera used a totally different cast from the Broadway shows.

Now to the REAL news. The role of Joe Gillis is down to 2 hunks.

Ohhh I like Ewan but I LOVE HUGH :) Sigh... Hugh Jackman. He's not the best looking or the most built but there's just something about him that speaks to me.

I like them both - but I think Ewan might do better in that role. He seems more....earnest. Jackman is just all knowing sex-God. Hahaha.

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