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Harry Potter 4 - High Res Pics

There are tons of new high res pics of the upcoming Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire movie. Check out the Aug 1st post.

I'm pretty pumped about the movie, but I have to reread book 4 before then. Cedric, Krum, Weasley Tent... all these names come up for this movie and they don't ring any bells. It has been over 3 years since I read book 4.

I do remember the character of Cho. In fact I can't wait to see the wizards from other nations in this show. BTW am I wrong or is she the first asian we've seen in the Harry Potter movies? Not that it makes a difference, but she does seem to stand out because she's the only asian in such a ... british film.

The site also lists wands of the various characters for sale. I have to say that Voldemort's wand looks especially cool.

Wow - Cho is real pretty.

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Cho Chang is jailbait.

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