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Labor day's almost over...

And here's what I did...

Yep. I've not slept for over 36 hours now. Been playing Disgaea and having a huge blast. For us Gamers its not so much about flashy graphics and such. What we're really looking for is that one fix that will make us forget about everything else and draw us into the game. Escapism if you will. I've not had a gaming fix like this one since Last November when World of Warcraft drew me into its webs for 4 months.

So 30+ hours into the game and I'm only level 19 amd my current group has about 20 people that I've recruited. But what a ride :) I seriously have double vision right now so I'm squiting to type this blog post. I'm forcing myself to stop playing and prepare for bed, still got to get to work tomorrow.

If you even have a passing interest in strategy RPG's pick this game up and make sure you've got lots of time to kill. let me leave you with this picture of my main characher, a teenage demon who's out to rule the underworld :)

OMG - looks like you were all set for the weekend and then some. Will check the game out when I get there. You = geek. :)

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