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Plague infects World of Warcraft Players

Bodies bodies everywhere. In the latest update/patch for World of Warcraft, a new dungeon was introduced. And in this dungeon some new monsters, some of whom cause players to catch a very contagious plague.

Some ingenious players have figured out how to bring the plague to highly populated areas like Ironforge where there are always hundreds of players. The plague spreads like wildfire and does 250-300 dmg every few seconds meaning that unless you're over level 50, you're dead (The max level is 60). The result is widespread deaths and carnage.

I'm sure this is very disruptive to some players and not what the developers intended but for the more jaded players (like me) this is a barrel of laughs. LOL!!!

Here's a video of the plague in action.

Hahaha. This sounds awesome

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