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Weekend Update

Isn't this pic just too cute? I'm more a dog person but this kitten could covert me. Actually its so cute that I think it might have been photoshopped.

I'm currently in Pittsburg visiting eins, we're gonna watch Senerity together, gotta have company for such a momentious event (Yes my life is boring enough that an anticipated movie premiere is an event).

Got up at 4am to catch a 6am flight and got here about 11am. We had indian buffet for lunch and watched a few DVD's. Including the Sci-Fi Channel Senerity Special. We have reservations at 7pm for a great Japanese restaurant called Chaya which will serve 10-15 very unique and colorful courses (Not the typical sushi/sashimi you find everywhere). Then its off for a 11:05 viewing of Senerity. Oh and I get to meet eins' new beau which if you've been reading her blog is... interesting **grin**

Be prepared for food pics when I get home.

What's an Indian buffet?

Pictures dude, pictures!

Have fun with the Kaiseki dinner. It's a great experience.

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