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There's been a lack of blogs this weekend cos I was working Saturday and I also got a new game called Fable:The Lost Chapters. Its an awesome game that let's you custimize the way you look from hair to beard to physique and you've even got to be careful in combat because you can get scarred. Even your actions will affect your eventual outcome. It came out on the XBOX first and now its on the PC.

Heh heh heh you can even decide your sexuality, have sex and if you want to get married or not. And before you ask, yes you can be a big baddie, and destroy town after town after town and become the devil incarnate (In Theory).

Here are some of my different looks.

Here's a pic of me scarred, so obviously I had to reload and waste over 2 hours of gaming cos I want my hero to be scar free. At least on the face.

This is me right now. I know the beard is icky, I'm looking for a van dyke style and a good looking hair cut.

OMG - you character look so sickly.... hahaha. I actually thought the scars look good. Very manly. :)

Heh, Yeah, I'm a little pale, but not much of an issue with me. I'm a magic user and the more I use magic, the faster I age. Hence I started the game at 21st Years old and after 3 day's I'm 25 years old now.

So, I should be an old man by that time.

Can you like....reverse aging with magic?

MMORPG? Looks nice, but dude, sideburns?

That's so 5 minutes ago. ;PPP

Am in the mood for a good strategy game now. May reload Starcraft.

Can're reverse age with magic but I think there are other ways.

This is not an MMO, its a single player. Strangely enough, sideburns increase the attractive factor in the game :) Heh geeks develop these games, not fashion gurus.

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