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I got hitched!

Well... actually my alter ego got hitched in Fable-The Lost Chapters. It was pretty easy to accomplish, it took 10+ complements, 4 boxes of chocs, a rose, a wedding ring and a house. The benefits? I can get some bed action if I speak to my hubby near a bed.

The game is quite moral actually, won't allow any bed action until you get hitched. And no nudity, instead the screen goes black and you hear a sexy british voice. (Everyone speaks with either a british or schttish accent)

Hehehe now to sow more wild oats. I'm gonna get a hubby in every town. Might even get a barmaid just for some variety :)

Chocolates, shmocolates.

It's the sideburns dude, the sideburns...

Am feeling pissed at how I was treated by my present company regarding my granny's funeral.

Gonna get me some FPS and frag the goons.

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