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Oh No, What a waste of resources

Universal is bringing another "Fast and the Furious" sequel to theaters, and it's a movie that may star Vin Diesel, but possibly not Paul Walker.

People People People, there are better shows to watch that the "Fast and the Furious". Sigh...

After seeing this I did some checking. Fast and the Furious (2001) raked in $207 million worldwide and cost $38 million to make. Fast and the Furious 2 (2003) raked in $236 million and cost $76 million to make.

So its no wonder we are seeing a 3rd sequel. Am I missing something? I saw the 1st show and it was a passable action flick. Should I borrow the 2nd show?

It was a so-so movie. Good for a lazy nothing-to-do afternoon.

they just like to beat a good thing until the idea is dead

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