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Dungeons & Dragons 2

Remember the horror that was The Dungeons & Dragons Movie? Well, the Sci-Fi channel just created a made for TV special called Dungeons & Dragons: Wrath of the Dragon God.

Its good. I mean like worlds better than the movie. This one actually had a decent plot and used theory and terms from DnD lore. If you're not into D&D its probably a 6/10 but if you like D&D and Sci-Fi then this is about 8/10 all things considered. Hmm... also perhaps the British are better at doing period/fantasy films. After all Lord of the RIngs and Harry Potter, 2 of the most successful fantasy films are predominantly British.Inconsistent with D&D:
  • White Dragons can be killed by a Lighting Bolt, a vial of purple worm acid and a sword thru its tail
  • Minor fire elementals can be defeated with a spout of water
  • Casting spells can be done 1 handed (technically this is possible with feats)
Cute things :
  • My personal Fave: Elect a leader and say lead the way, we trust you.
  • When you see a lich... RUN!!! (This one I happen to agree with)
  • Evey thief should have a Gem of True Seeing
  • The female mage and barbarian held off the horde of bandits while the males deciphered the puzzle. Talk about woman's lib
  • A universal law - Captain of the Guard are idolts.
  • Never send your familiar into a corridor to check for traps
  • Its ok to physically handle an orb that contains the essense of an evil dragon god (All the DM's I've had must be wrong)
  • If you have a Council of mages - make sure they actually attack when a Dragon invades
  • Divine Magic is more powerful than Arcane magic
D&D Specific Lore they threw into the Film:
  • The Fiend Jubelex is mentioned
  • Ring of the Ram
  • Gem of True Seeing
  • Purple Worm Acid
  • Teleport only works if you've been to a location
  • Always go single file in dungeons
  • Spells need components

Gosh, D&D 2!!

Thanks for putting this up! =)

Fanboy mode going into overdrive!!! :P

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