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New IPod... with Video

Click here to read the whole story but basically there's gonna be a new iPod that can play music, watch music videos and play TV programs!!! Its the last thing that really got my juices flowing. FINALY!!! Someone had the balls to do this and despite the beef I have with Apple always creating a propriarity format that can only be used on their machines/programmes, if they implement this correctly, I might just bite the bullet and get the new iPod. Making TV programmes available when and where you want them and without commercials is the only logical next step for multimedia. Heck we're already doing it with bittorrent and DVR's.

My only concern is $$$. $1.99 is a little steep. If the price dropped to $1 then I'd seriously get one on launch day. I figure that if all the shows I want to watch are available for download for $1 a piece, that makes my current weekly TV bill - about $20 a week. Hmmm... might have to cancel my cable to afford this :)

Damn it. I'd just bought the Ipod Photo 20Gb. Crap.

Don't fret, this was just announced so the very soonest it would be for sale is probably 1st quarter 2006. So your iPod will still be in fashion for at least a year :)

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