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Review - Dante's Cove

Well I was interested enough to pay $3.95 to watch Dante's Cove. Its only available via Movies-on-Demand in my area. So what do I think?
Soft-core porn with a plot.
The best thing is that there is a plot. Its not just mindless sex. But then again, don't expect award winning dialogue for the show. In fact the dialogue in many parts of the show is pretty cheezy. The Actors are a 50/50 thing. Some of them I can easily imagine watching on prime time (ie. they have talent), some of them should never be allowed to speak in front of the camera. The plot is pretty simple but its just enough to reel you in. Oh and its not just for gay's, there are lesbians in the show as well and yes they have nude scenes.

And don't judge the show based on the first 15mins which is set in 1840. Trust me, some of these actors have issues acting in a contemporary setting. Putting them in a historical setting was... just mean. And I spotted 1 possible blooper. In the 1840's segment, the witch trailed her fingers over a piano that had a huge print that said "Made in USA". Does that strike anyone else as wierd?

Plot6/10(No worse then some B grade horror shows - [eg. House of Wax])
Dialogue3/10 (The dialogue is pretty bad)
Production7/10(Production quality is quite good. Almost on par with some current prime time shows)
Soundtrack6/10 (This area needs some work, I dont think I'd recommend the CD)

Would I pay $3.95 to watch this every week? Probably not. But I'll definately pre-order the DVD when it comes out. PS. If you're interested in seeing some detailed pics of the show click here.

I totally agree. The sofe-core porn is worth seeing. The lighting, the editing,the mood, the set are all matched to the shower scene.

I just started watching Dante's Cove in Australia, it is so hard to find here.
I am glad you gave it such a positive review, the second season gets much better and it looks like they have a bigger budget and have had acting lessons.

By the way I am now a loyal reader, going by your other posts!

Thanks Matt. I love Dante's Cove. Sadly I missed season 2 on cable but its coming out on DVD in less than a month and I've got a copy reserved. :)

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