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Top 10 most Influential Fantasy Authors

Solar Flare came up with this list of 10 more Influential Fantasy Authors:
  1. J.R.R. Tolkien
  2. J.K. Rowling
  3. Robert Jordan
  4. Terry Pratchett
  5. Terry Brooks
  6. Stephen R. Donaldson
  7. Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman
  8. Raymond Feist
  9. George R. R. Martin
  10. David Eddings

I've read all the authors on this list except for George R. R. Martin and order of the authors aside I tend agree with the list. Although I think that one author should have been included, RA Salvatore. He started off with the DnD books but now almost every book he publishes is a best seller both to scifi fans and the general public, he's also one of the few scifi authors that also writes screen plays for a number of moves/TV shows.

PS. I'll probably be burned in effigy for this but I think Tolkien based purely on his writings is overrated. Let me qualify this to say that yes I know he is the father of all fantasy generes, without him we would not have the concepts of elves and dwarfs and high fantasy. But as a 2nd generation fantasy reader (ie. I read E.Fiest and Enddings and many more before I did Tolkien) his books based solely on their own merit were rather dry. No flash, no pizzaz, more like a piece of literature (which I know it technically was since Tolkien was an English Lit Professor).

The ONLY spell that was actually cast in the entire trilogy was 'Light' and while the battles were pretty well written, I don't think they quite compare with the battles as written by authors like RA Savatore, not to mention I always thought Frodo whined A LOT in the books.

So I credit the success of the Lord of the Rings movies to Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh's amazing vision and imagination. I'm probably one of those lazy readers who has to be spoon feed because never in my wildest imagination did I envision the awesoemness of the movies with the books that Tolkien wrote.

LOL, I remember debating Tolkien with you in camp. We all agreed, he sucked at giving details about magic.

I am sort of disappointed that C.S. Lewis is missing from the list.

Well, there's no definite list, but those in the Top 10 are definitely giants in the fantasy genre.

Yep, i love C.S. Lewis to bits too. But i can understand the omission.

Robert Jordan is boring. Talk about a Tolkien rip off and a plot that doesn't really go anywhere. But he is masterful at bringing his world to life.

R.A. Salvatore is a love or hate him case. I read all of his books, cos' i love Forgotten Realms. But i soon got tired of the Drizzt cult worship. And that celebrity dark elf just never seem to have things hard. No mortal wounds in battle, fighting impossible odds, no main characters permanently dying. Sheesh.

Raymond E Feist rocks my socks! I am still sad that he killed James off eventually. But very emotionally and nobly done that's befitting of the character.

I gotta get started on George RR Martin. I just keep procrastinating cos' the books are so thick. :P

He also forgot Neil Gaiman who wrote some major mondo fantasy stuff.

I gave up on Robert Jordan after book 9. Fantastic writing, but slow and plodding.

My basic rant is that sflare's criteria seems inconsistent. Look at point 4 and 6.

ok Neil Gaiman is good but I guess it depends on how you define influential. I look at it as making fantasy accessable to the general public, to get convert more people to read fantasy.

Neil Gaiman is very good at provoking emotions but its usually aimed more towards those who already read fantasy. The hard core if you will.

My fave is still Raymond E Feist. And I'm not gonna comment on Robert Jordan, did 4 of his books and that was it for me.

3 = Trilogy
5 = Quintet

So what do you call 10 books? He published a Decagon?

I call it excessive and long-winded. ;P

You totally forgot Terry Goodkind. Sword of Truth. That series is the best.

Heh, the Sword of Truth series is pretty good. I've read 4 books so far but can't seem to progress any further.

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