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Me Me Me - Halloween

Another year and another poor showing for Halloween. This is the 4th year that I've actively switched on my front door lights and opened the doors to the kiddies. But as usual I only had a handful of trick or treaters.

The first year I went wild and bought 4 huge bags of candy from Sam's Club (a wholesaler). Let's just say that I was so depressed that I ate more candy than I gave out. And true to tradition this year I bought 2 medium sized bags of candy hoping to give everything away and I got 4 groups of trick or treaters. That's right 4. I left work a little early, came home, donned my wizard's robes and ... got 4 trick or treaters. This year might be my last. Its just not worth the effort for 4 trick or treaters. Heck, last year I got about 8.

I will say that the children are very well mannered. Each year I always say take as much as you want and everyone's so polite! The most they take is 2 handfuls, I practically force them to take 3-4 each. Ah well, enjoy the pics.

Starting CandyEnding Candy
Starting CandyEnding Candy
Group 1Group 2
Group 1Group 2
Group 3Group 4
Group 3Group 4

Hahahaha. So cute. Especially group 4.

I agree with eins. Group 2 is very adorable.

But I find the Britney Spears/Madonna kid in group 2 scariest of the lot. Even more disturbing than the S&M kid in group 3.

Also dude, I think it's the fact that they are faced with a wizard of Prachettian proportions that they are so well-behaved.

Bhwahaha wizard of Prachettian proportions. Funny.

Slander! I'm slim I tell you! Slim like a Panda. :)

And I have the hair of a tortise.

Ok, ok, Pandaren (give you some face):


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