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Rave - GMail Drive

Ok, I highly recommend this. When Gmail (google mail) come out, I was not very impressed because there were other mail systems just as good. When Google Talk came out, I was not very impressed because there were other IM (Instant Messenging) systems just as good. But now, there's GMail Drive.

Think of GMail Drive as a virtual drive. As long as you have internet connection, it acts like an actual drive on your PC. Exactly like a Flash Drive. And its a 2.5GB drive. This is the best thing I've seen since... the flash drive.

There are some bugs with it though. I've had some filenames which it considers too long and it is a little slow but that's because its actually FTPing files over the internet, Still, get it try it and try it out, its the wave of the future.

Click here to download the gmail program.
(PS. You do need to open a GoogleMail account for this)

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