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Me Me Me - Back to Warcraft

Despite the fact that I've yet to complete Black&White2 and Fable. This weekend I restarted my World of Warcraft account. The main draw was the new update they added for the month of October. Its Holloween sesason so all the towns are decorated with pumpkin heads and the innkeepers are giving out trick or treat candy once every hour. Tons of fun.
I also had time to do 3 raids and walk off with my very first purple (epic) item. For the uninitiated, World of Warcraft came out in Nov 2004 in the US, and now is in UK, China, Korea. Worldwide it has over 4 million subscribers who pay monthly fees of about $13.99 to play the game. So its a BIGGGG deal, a real cash cow. And the reason everyone wants to create an online game.

I started WOW in Nov 2004, reached lvl 60 with my first character in Feb 2005 and quit in June 2005. Now I'm back again.
PS. Yes my main character is a Girl for 2 very good reasons. (1)People treat you nicer when you look female in the game. (2)The human male graphics makes you look like a total dork.

Welcome back dude. Welcome back.

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