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More Wow News

Well... I got a wand now. A very very nice wand. While its not a healer wand, it does amazing DPS (Damage Per Sec) which is great for soloing. What's interesting is that when I outlined my wish list of end game equipment, Both this wand and the Staff of Domance were on it, but I had never expeted to get them. To give you an idea of how these items are gotten, you need to assemble 40 persons who must spend 3-4 hours working together to kill these monsters in World of Warcraft, this is called a raid. Each monster has a list of items they can drop and each time you kill the monster a random 2-3 pf these coverted items are dropped. Obviously 40 people can't share 2-3 items, hence a point system called DKP is used.

In brief DKP assigns points for each item found. For example The Staff was 80 points and the wand was 60 points. Those points are taken from my personal total and evenly distributed to everyone who went on the raid. So people who didn't get anything gained more points. When an item you want is dropped, you put in a bid and the person with the highest points wins the item.

I lucked out with the Staff and used a significant chunk of points to beat over 8 others who wanted it. But the wand... no one wanted to bid on it. Mostly because they were saving their points of other item drops. So technically I lucked out again. The only sad part is I'm so low on the totem pole right now that it'll literally be a month before I can hope for a new item.

Ah well, if you bothered to read this post and it made some sense, you now know why people are obsessed with online games and continually play it. Its to get these rare virtual items and have a sense of accomplishment making your character stand out in the game.

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