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Help me with this Decision?

The Best of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (10 Episode Collector's Edition) (1983)

This is now available and I'm just not sure if its nostalgia or if this cartoon was any good to begin with. Should I get it? Or is this one of those shows that was good only because I was a kid when I watched it?

as a fellow he-man lover, let me assure you that the carton was great, and the joy you will feel when you rewatch it will be partly because of nostalgia but also because prince adam is awsome! my only concern is that we buy the 10 episode colection and then they release the full season, much like they did with the muppet show.

Thanks greenivy. I think I will wait till they release the full seasons of HE-MAN. After all I'm exteremly glad I waited before getting the muppet show.

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