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Rumor Mill-Jackman is Superman's Daddy!

A brief and strange mention has popped up online today claiming that Hugh Jackman, he of the shiny claws and the mutant DNA, will be appearing in this summer’s Superman Returns in a cameo as none other than the Man of Steel’s dad.

Which dad Jackman will play – his Earth father or his Krypton pop – is unclear. But according to Variety’s story about the actor, who just won Male Star of the Year at the industry convention ShoWest, Jackman “has a cameo in Bryan Singer’s upcoming Superman Returns, playing the Man of Steel’s young dad in flashback mode.” Hmmm.

And it’s just a Superman kind of news day apparently, because elsewhere on the magical Internet new images of Weta Collectibles' Superman Returns statues have shown up. These figures were “inspired by moments” from the film. You can see one here, but click over to the Weta site for the rest of the images.
Awesome!!! My fave actor might be Superman's Daddy!

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