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Another Flash Game - Rayray

This one is so damn cute and additive.

Thanks to eins

Now this is weird...
I am one of RayRay's creators. I co-created RayRay with the very talented Simpson's Animation Director; Raymond Persi.
I was just wandering the net to see where our game was these days and how our links are doing.
Anyway, here's the weird part. I'm from Minneapolis Minnesota. I'm currently living in Singapore! What are the chances?
Check out www.mutaytor.com for more info (under cast) on RayRay. We even hid the other games in the link.

Paul Pistore

WOW! Thanks for posting Paul. This is a heck of a coincidence.

Let me be the first to say that Rayray is a really amazing game. Its cute, its addicitive, and it can be played in short amounts of time.

I'll definately check out your link. And I hope you're liking Singapore.

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