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Dark Kingdom - The Dragon King

This is a new fantasy movie. It premiered on the Scifi Channel on the 27th and 28th March 2006. The strange thing is that by accident I found out the DVD for this show is available on the 28th March 2006. So naturally I reserved a copy and watched it in all its digital splendor instead of the Scifi channel.

I'll keep the review fairly brief. Its actually very "Lord of the Ringish" if you get my meaning. This was not made on a shoe string budget and the quality shows in the production value, the fighting, the plot and even the acting. There are some well known names here.

Thankfully, the director didn't try to make this movie an epic. The story is fairly basic and that I think is what makes it a success. For a complete write up of the story visit Scifi channel's synopsis.

Oh and one more thing. I think almost everyone in this movie is European. Which further proves a hypothesis I have. Americans can't do fantasy based movies. Those are best left to Europeans.

If you're a Scifi fan this show is definitely worth a watch. Its light years better than Dungeon & Drageons and only a couple of notches down from Lord of the Rings.

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