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A Freeloader

I live in a townhouse and the house is such that you really don't use the front door a whole lot. Mostly you enter the house via the garage. Well today I found something really interesting outside my front door.

You see that mini pine tree that's just beside the front door? Beneath it a duck has layed about 10 eggs. Yes, a Duck! It was startled off my me and flew away, but I'm hoping it will come back. In the meanwhile I'm gonna buy some corn and whatever else ducks like to eat.

Contrary to popular belief, bread and crackers are a dangerous food for ducks - occasional feeding of this is so-so, but your duck will suffer malnutrition if proper feeding is ignored. Chocolate is NOT safe for ducks and dogs. Avoid nuts and seeds. Duck have a different digestive system than most other birds and can't handle many of the same foods that are safe for some birds.

What they can eat off the menu: Aside from pelleted mash, their staple food (what they eat on a daily basis), they enjoy vegetable trimmings, algae, plants, snails, meal worms, night crawlers, coy food, feeder goldfish, and expensive landscaping.

Chopped, hard-boiled eggs are good for a treat. Some foods that are OK for adults are not particularly safe for a duckling, especially anything containing breads and certain dry foods, so check with your vet first.

Ducks in the wild eat a variety of plants, insects, and native foods that will differ from region and from breed to breed. Humans should never feed any ducks, including wild ducks
Hmm.... maybe I should just leave the duck alone and just visit it with a telephoto lens.


Speaking of coming home to roost, is there any chance of you coming back not during the CNY where ALL RESTAURANTS are CLOSED?

LOL, no promises. Its just worked out that way with work the past couple of years.

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