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What's a Goji?

Found this item on amazon. A fruit that I'd never heard of before. Goji. I like finding things like this. Nice to know that in this jaded world we live in, there are still simple things like fruit that we've never heard of.

Now the question is should I spring the $14 to try a fruit that I might hate.


Goji is very traditional in Chinese medicine. I always make a cup of tea (brew it together with chrysanthemum) in the afternoon. It can relax your body and is very good for your eyes. You can flavor the fish or chicken with it.

cool! You know now that you mention it, they do look like those red herb thingies I use when I make chinese chicken soup.

But those aren't fruit! They are herbs!!! and I can't imagine eating them dired. Hmmmm...

Dude, $14 is kinda steep for something that costs like a couple of dollars here.

Go to the nearest Chinatown and you can get them cheaply at a medicinal shop.

It's slightly sweetish-sour. Goes well with chicken soup.

The famous Ba Bao (eight treasures) tea uses this.

Alas - the closest Chinatown to emyln is at least 4 hours away. Heh.

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