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The Next FoodTV Star

This past weekend I watched a marathorn session of FoodTV Network's next star contest. Think of it as a reality show where 8 contestents are put thru elimination rounds until you get down to 2 and the audience will pick the winner who will become FoodTV's next star.

I love the show mostly because I like food, and the reality part of the show is more about the abilities of the contestents to cook and be comfortable in front of a camera. There is no backstabbing, no dumb contests to jump out a plane or eat bugs. It is essentially allowing the audience to see the things that TV execs have to make consider when choosing their next starring chief.

Its currently down to Guy and Reggie. You can cast your vote at Foodtv's site until Thursday 20th April 8am.

My favourites were actually Nathan and Carissa. Nathan because his dishes are really complex and usually have over 20 different ingredients. A little much for the layman but I love the possible combination of flavours he creates. Plus, he's really easy on the eyes. Carissa turned me off initially but her concept was to demystify french cuisine and I slowly warmed up to her.

Sadly they have both been eliminatated.

Right now I'm rooting for Guy. Reggie's good with the audience but frankly his dishes are boring! I've already seen 1001 ways to cook shepard's pie or southern fried chicken. I really don't need another cook to tell me how its done or can be made easy. Guy's food however, is exciting and fresh and bold. Oh and Foodtv's site has the audition videos they sent in, pretty interesting.


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