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Update: X-Men: The Last Stand

Here are the all time top grossing movies for Opening weekend.

X-Men: The Last Stand is the number 4 all time highest box office opening weekend!!! And there's still one more day before this memorial weekend is over. This means that FOX might consider a 4th Xmen movie!!!

My only hope is that those suits at FOX don't drag their behinds like they did for Xmen3. That's the main reason they lost Bryan Singer as a director. I'll admit Brett Ratner did a good job with Xmen3, but Bryan Singer is still the man to beat. We'll see when Superman Returns opens.


Frankly - I didn't enjoy X3. Too boring.

gasp! I liked it. Not the best plot wise but lots of action. I liked it because this time round the mutants got to actually use their powers.

plot wise - so boring. So many slow parts...

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