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Movie News Updates:

If ScifiNews is to be believed, We will be seeing Superman Returns part 2 in 2009. Bryan singer (Director of Superman Returns) has apparently announced at Comic-Con that he is indeed doing a sequel to Superman Returns.

This is a bit of a surprise since WB had previously said that Superman Returns needs $200 million domestically to do a sequel. But then again its currently at $172,872,000 domestically after 24 days. So it will reach $200 million, just not very fast. World wide its done $249,872,000 so far. not great but very very decent. I love Superman Returns, but a $260 million price tag for the show is a little hard to understand. Especially given how Spiderman 2 cost $200 million, Batman Begins cost $150 million and Xmen3 cost $110 million.

But I'm happy cos I LOVE Superman Returns

Ironman is coming to a theatre near you. Who is Ironman? He's a lesser known superhero who get's his name cos he wears a suit made of ... metal. Yellow and red metal. He can fly and shoot energy blasts from his hands, that's mostly what I remember about him. Oh and the villan for him will be the Mandarin, a villan who has mastered multiple martial arts and has five rings on each finger that he controls with his mind.

Watch for it May 2, 2008

This might be a bit dated but Spiderman 3 is coming out next year and although there will be 3 villians, the main baddie will be Vhenom. And the person playing Vhenom will be Topher Grace, from that 70's show fame.

Oh and Tobey has already said that he will most probably not be onboard for a 4th Spiderman movie. Not surprising since he's more a drama oriented actor. Then again if the numbers are right I'm sure he might change his mind.

5,000 lucky people got to see rough footage of the film at Comic-Con International yesterday. So with any luck the rest of us might get to see it on youtube. Here's the trailer.

Batman Begins sequel is coming up in 2008. And the villian will be Joker!!! But here's the surprise, the actor playing Joker will be Heath Ledger.

Wonder Woman is coming to the Silver Screen. Joss Whedon of Buffy/Senerity fame is directing it. He's just completed the draft of the script and its almost done, just has to be approved by the bigwigs.

Of course the role of Wonder Woman is still up for grabs, although the top contender right now is Morena Baccarin. Don't know her? Go watch Senerity, she's Inara.


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