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Movie Review: The Covenant

Its been about a month since I last saw a movie and despite all the shows that have been released, I chose to watch The Covenant.

I'll be very brief on the review because this show is only going to appeal to a small demographic. If you like B Grade Action/Fantasy movies this is the show for you. The plot is actually better than many other B grade movies out there and the acting is decent. The plus is obviously the budget which gives the movie that high quality gloss and special effects. Steven Strait, the main actor is strangely like Josh Hartnett when he was younger.

Oh and it does help if you like cute guys. There's several shirtless scenes (of very buffed bodies), a locker room scene, and they are on the swim team. Eye candy galore. Oh and if you prefer women, the 2 main actresses have several scenes in very skimpy sleepwear.

Watch the trailer. If it sparks your interest, this show is for you.

Watch a high quality trailer here Trailer here, or click on youtube below.


The guys are hot in Covenant. Gonna be beating down the door to get in.

San Jose

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