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Kyle XY - My vote for best show of 2006

I know it might be a little presumptious to crown KyleXY as the best new TV series when fall is right round the corner and there's a bunch of new shows premiering. But I LOVE this show.

Its story and character driven, its got a great cast, and Matt Dallas has my vote for best newcomer. It might be a little touchy feely for some but remember this series is being broadcast by ABC Family, not one of those major networks.

In case you're unfamiliar with the series, it revolves around this boy (about 16 years old) who wakes up in the middle of the forest, naked and with no memory. Everything is new to him including speech. He's taken in by a social worker and her family and the story develops.

At the series conclusion of 9 episodes which aired on Monday, we're left with a cliffhanger. Kyle finally get's some answers and why people are after him.

Here are some of my fave scenes from the series:

How it all Started

Kyle gets some sleep

Kyle Finds a family

Kyle the Superhero

Kyle loses his temper

Kyle refuses to leave his family

A Sob moment

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