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Biting the big one

Some Python in Kampung Jabor, Malaysia got too greedy and swollowed a pregnant sheep. Seems that Pythons are like fish who will eat and eat till they die from overeating. And get this, its still alive, it just could not move and just lay in the middle of the road.
Pythons eat no more than once a week but when they open their incredible hinged jaws, anything is fair game.

This 5.5m python found its eyes were definitely bigger than its belly.

In July surgeons were forced to operate on a 4m Burmese python after it inadvertently swallowed a queen-size electric blanket.

Humans also have become victims. In 1972 a python in Burma swallowed an eight-year-old boy.

In October last year, a 3.6m python came off second best in Everglades National Park in Florida.

The snake, which tried to swallow a 1.8m alligator whole, exploded, said scientists who found the gory remains


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