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My Labor day

How did you spend Labor day? I spent my day watching a marathorn of the show Top Chef on Bravo.

It is hands down one of the best reality shows I've seen in along while. Why? Because of the final episode, I was literally on the edge of my seat rooting for Harold. The showdown between the 2 top contenders was Harold, the nice guy that everyone loved, and the uber bitch that everyone hated. Both good cooks, but seriously, when the 4 sou-chef's who are helping you prep the final meal all choose Harold to win, there is something seriously wrong with your personality.
This is Harold, and he even has his own Myspace page. He won a spread in Food and Wine magazine, a top of the line professional kitchen and $100k to help start his own restaurant. Grats Harold!!!
This is Tiffani, the uber bitch who keeps saying she's here to win, not make friends. Well Tiff, being a bitch came back to bite you big time. On the final challenge, they brought in the previous 4 contenders who were eliminated who would help the chef's prepare their meals. Hands down all 4 of them wanted to work with Harold. Sometimes the good guys do win :)
This is Lee Anne. I think everyone was rooting for her and Harold to do the showdown. Both excellent chefs and solid people whom you would want to work with. Sadly she was eliminated.

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See! I told you! I knew you'll like Harold. :)

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