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I'm still here!

Just came back from my NYC trip and getting my life back in order + trying to organize all the photos on Flickr.

But for now I wanna show you something interesting I saw. It's what I call Trishaws. They call them Bicycle-Taxis, but for the most part they are old fashioned trishaws.

The interesting thing is that this mode of transport was getting phased out as I was growing up in Singapore and were pulled by old men. Now in trendy New York, they've been jazzed up and are being pulled by fit young people!

They are extremely popular, especially around the broadway and 5th Avenue areas as well as before and after the theater shows. They are able to weave in and out of traffic and very much faster than taking a cab in peak traffic. All theses were taken in about a 30 min span.

I was last in NYC in 2003 and there were none of these trishaws. I found that rather interesting.

I didn't sit in one, but I did see a family of 5 get in 1 and the poor guy was obviously huffing and puffing while carrying on a conversation. Alas I was too slow with the camera.


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