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"Stargate: SG-1" Gets Cancelled


Sadly its true. This season 10 is the last for SG1. Its the current champion for longest running SciFi series in America. Last Friday was its' 200th episode which means there's only 15 more episodes before the end.

I love this series and have followed it religiously since its beginning. Not just because its a great Scifi show but also because it holds sentimental value to me. I started working in July 1997, fresh from college, on my own and alone for the first time. The first episode of Stargate SG1 aired on 27 July 1997. Its been one of the constants in my life for the past 10 years.

Ah well. My hope now is that the final episode really ROCKS! Let's get a few people ascended! Oh and just cos it might actually work I'm signing a few online petitions and all the like. Got to support my fave TV Show. Here's an awesome Save Stargate video.


oh you poor thing. Whatever will you do on Friday night?

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