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Spray-On Condoms

Yep! A German firm has developed a spray-on condom for all your lifestyle needs. The liquid condom comes in an aerosol can that you spray onto the organ in question. A few seconds later, the liquid solidifies into the familiar latex and forms a tight seal. The company says it's a great time saver and is easier to use than traditional condoms. It's still in the testing phase (in fact, they're looking for volunteers right now) so it might be a while before it hits the neighborhood drug store.

I'm not so sure that this will be a "hot" product. After all, condom's take up a lot less space in your pocket than a can of spray, and let's be honest, if it takes you more than a few seconds to put on a condom, you're doing it wrong! However, I do see interesting possibilities for this as an instant protective covering. Who needs to buy gloves, just spray it on your hand and viola!

If your german's good, check out the company's site.

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