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Thanksgiving 2007

Well, I visited a friend in Pittsburgh for Thanksgiving this year. I got to cook! Its been a while since I've really cooked. After all, there's just no sense in cooking for one. There were 5 of us and a whole lot of food.

Top Left: Curry cauliflower Soup, Brussel Sprouts with Bacon/*Chinese Sticky Rice/*Grape and Pork Stuffing, Sour Kraut, Cornbread.

Bottom Left: Potato Pancakes -Fried, 12 pound Turkey, Potato Pancake - Baked, Pumpkin Pie/Grapes/*Peach Agar Agar (Jello).

I made those with the (*). One of the couples was from Austria which explains the Sour Kraut and Potato Pancakes. The Turkey and Cornbread were from Boston Market, Thank goodness! I've cooked Thanksgiving Turkey before and trust me, 8-10 hours by the oven is no fun.

Here a picture of the table and a close-up of the piled plate.

After a heavy meal, we went walking around downtown Pittsburgh for about 2 1/2 hours. It was a lovely night. Came back ate more, watched a movie on pay-per-view (Inside Man) and that's Thanksgiving 2007.

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