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10 Years in the WorkForce

Roughly 10 years ago (June 15 1997), I started my 1st day at work in my current profession, programming.

I had just graduated from college, and had spent the month after graduation on a tour of the US with my mother and sister. Incidentally, I believe that it was also the time when my sister was still single, part of the trip was looking for a wedding dress for her.

10 years (and some days) later, my sister now has 2 children, the oldest is now 9. I'm more financially stable and I'd like to believe more mature and confident. I own a house, I'm driving my second car (that I paid for all my own), and I have 2 pets (hamsters).

Now in my mid 30's, I guess I've had thoughts of a mid-life crisis. Mostly related to my job. I don't enjoy my job, the best part about it is that because I move about every few months to a year, it helps keep things fresh, but I'm not truly motivated or interested in it. I've thought about changing careers but then reality hits me and ... I find myself unwilling to give up the financial stability I have. So I compensate by buying stuff.

Thankfully my interest runs to books, DVDs and games so its not much of a drain on my resources, but for the past year I've gotten into the habit of making at least one purchase from amazon - currently I average about 2 items a week, sometimes as much as 6 items. Worst part of all this buying is that I now have stacks of books that I've yet to read, DVD's that I've yet to watch and games which I've only played a handful of hours.

Other mid-life crisis thoughts include wanting to do some volunteer work, expanding my social circle which is really really right now and I've even thought about going back to school. None of which I've actually done because I'm a lazy bastard.

All in all, I'd say my 10 years since college have been, uneventful and ordinary, and my achievements modest. Mostly by choice. I might not be a captain of industry or become wildy famous or successful but.... it could have turned out a heck of a lot worse then being ... content.

And that's always been my goal from day 1. To be content.

Ah well, if anyone has any advice for me for the next 10 years, let me know. Till then, I'm marking my 10 year anniversary in the workforce by making yet another purchase on amazon and making a new 5 and 10 year life plan.

Brother dear,
Reviewing events is always insightful. And honestly, you could do a whole lot worse than being content. I envy you in the world you have created for yourself. Yet, you also realise the other stuff that's missing - the noise & headache of brats running wild & wilful around the house, the need to just be there for the old foggies ... Volunteer work? I concluded after hanging out with Mother Teresa, start with your own people. You could be around for others but it is your own people who need you to just be there. This is not a blight on you being miles away, just an honest comment.

On the issue of making purchases weekly, perhaps I could interest you in making weekly deposits towards your 5 or 10yr plan ... when you coming home

the sister

Hey Sis!

Hey I'm in soul searching mode so if there are things I can do closer to home let me know. (Probably better in emails though)

And like I said, I'm open to anything you say on the buying side :)

Gratz Dude!

I think you're too modest about your accomplishments!

Thanks Ivan

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