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Movie Reviews - Ocean's Thirteen

I can't believe that its been about 4 months since I've watched a movie. The last movie I watched was "Because I said So" way back in February. But then again there really has not been all that much to watch at the theaters.

Still it looks like the summer is getting off to a good start. Eins watched Ocean's Thirteen and convinced me to give it a try. Boy was I happy I did. If you've never seen the other 2 shows in the series, do yourself a favor and rent them before watching Ocean's Thirteen, you just won't get the enjoyment of the show without the previous background story.

The whole cast aside from Zeta and Julia are back, and this time they have a score to settle with Al Pacino for backstabbing one of their own. And so the fun starts. Al Pacino's character is the dirty but very successful hotel CEO and of course is building a new hotel in Vegas. He screws Elliott Gould over and Elliott suffers a heart attack. The rest of the group band together and out of loyalty start planning and plotting Al Pacino's downfall Heck, even Andy Garcia get's back in the action. I won't spoil the detail of the heist but like the previous shows, its super great fun. And best of all its 2 hours of non stop action and you don't have time to worry about your butt hurting.

This is one movie where sequels are a pleasure, and I hope there are plans for an Ocean's Fourtheen. I rate this one a 5/5.

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