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Mid-Autumn Festival

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival Everyone. There are 2 fun things about this day if you're a kid, eating MoonCakes and playing with the Lanterns. For Adults, it narrows down to eating mooncakes. This is one of those festivals that I wish I was back in Singapore. Why? Mooncakes. LOVE THEM.

Don't get me wrong, I can and did buy some moon cakes for myself this year and the quality was passable. But back in Singapore, things have evolved. Its no longer just a question of buying Mooncakes with 1 yoke or 4 yokes. These days there are countless kinds of mooncakes for the daring and adventurerous. (Thanks to yochana's cake delight for the pics)

Oh and as a sidenote about lanterns, I absolute hate the lanterns they sell nowadays. Battery operated lanterns suck all the fun out of playing with lanterns. The candle was a huge part of the fun. And what's with all these paper lanterns? Where have all the red cellophine lanterns gone? Sure they were not as pretty but they somehow enhanced the candles in them.

According to my sister (Since I've missed playing with lanterns for the past decade), the red cheezy lanterns of my childhood are now a thing of the past. Everything these days are paper or worse yet, battery operated.

Sigh... after reading the previous 2 paragraphs, I suddenly notice how much like an old man I sound. Always lamenting of past glories.

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