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DVD Review - Dexter

I just finished one of the best and most original TV series that I've seen in the past few years. Its called Dexter. This show is almost definately not going to be on any prime time channel, its too dark and there's a lot of blood. Here's the synopsis:
During the day, Dexter Morgan is a jovial employee in the Miami Metropolitan Police Department's crime lab, but his meticulously crafted life masks his true nature. In reality Dexter is a disciplined and murderous psychopath (a self-admitted "monster"), and he slakes his blood lust at night by carefully killing the serial killers he tracks down during the day.

Now I know that many will get turned off by this synopsis, but Dexter Morgan became a psychopath because of an event in his childhood. when he was only 4 years old. However, he was adopted by a policeman who taught him to channel his killer tendencies towards the greater good. So now Dexter only kills people who deserve it, essentially a vigilante. The interesting thing is how likable Dexter Morgan is and seeing him try to lead a normal life while still doing what he does.

The season 1 DVD is out right now and I highly recommend it. But be warned this series is not for the squeamish, there is a lot of blood and in the end, its a story about a psychopath no matter how likable.

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